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This is my boyfriend Neil. This is how I see him. Lets be honest here, he’s freaking adorable. But adorable as he is, he’s still so VERY very camera shy. He claims that I tricked him into helping me with this final assignment but in reality, I made it very clear that he was going to be the main subject of the photo shoot. Not just during the photo shoot, but also any time there is a camera out, Neil cowers as if my camera is going to jump at him and bite him. This was actually really amusing and slightly frustrating. During the shoot, I would joke and laugh with him but as soon as I would raise the camera to my face to take a picture, Neil would change his expression to that of a deer in the headlights of an on coming bus. We had a break through when I told Neil to pretend that the camera wasn’t there. It was an amazing feat. I told him very specifically to do “the eyebrow thing” and the rest of the pictures taken that day were fabulous.

*exasperated sigh* Neil, you’re a very difficult person to photograph-__-However, Neil, you are one of my favorite subjects. I enjoyed hanging out with you and watching your ridiculous reactions to me lifting the camera to my face. I enjoyed watching you try to pose as a hipster and failing miserably, but mostly I enjoyed wandering the town looking for the numbers “53, 116, and 92”, even if none of the pics we took of these numbers fit into this collection.

Side Note: I could tell y’all viewers of my blog the meaning of the numbers “53, 116, and 92”, but I don’t think I will.


Taffy (mmmmmmm taffy)

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This is taffy. I LOVE taffy. merci bien.

Spring break 2015

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Whoops! This post was supposed to precede the Boston trip post. Too bad.

Over spring break I went to Antigua. Very beautiful Island it is. I snorkeled every day. This caused me to get the single strangest most awkward sun-burn/tan thing where my back was (and still is) visibly tanner than my front. It wasn’t like I was wearing something that only covered my front!!! I had on a normal bikini!!!! This is turning into a tangent. I am sorry to my class who has to read the entirety of my Boston field trip post.

I should mention that on most occasions I will post in addition to my serious work, one or two joke prints. Sometimes these will be puzzles or inside jokes. Thank you for your consideration.

Boston trip 2015

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This is the Boston field trip (fairly self explanatory). What isn’t self explanatory? How many cameras should you take to walk around the city for 6hrs. Normal people don’t take multiple photo classes in the same semester! Although anyone who’s met me could have told you to expect nothing less than multiple cameras strung around my neck at the same time (with more lenses in my backpack).

SIDE RANT: I really should have known better that to have multiple cameras! Seriously!!!!! when Trey* said that he is going digital digital for the trip, I SHOULD HAVE LISTENED AND DONE THE SAME!!!!!

Any way, I was in the city and I was switching back and forth between digital and film. THIS WAS REALLY HARD!!!! for the following reasons; 1) the neck wraps were getting more tangled with each switch. 2) Everyone else was already getting strange looks for carrying one camera, but 3) genius here had one  digital camera that was BIGGER than the other students cameras and one camera obsolete to everyone who is not enrolled in a film class.  I The rest of my group was also being looked at strangely by the public but they only had one camera. When the people saw that I was doubled up, they shifted all of their judgement from the people in my group to me. Thanks people.

What happened post field trip tops any of the stories of any of my classmates experience in Boston. So post-Boston trip I was tired from walking ALL DAY and I really didn’t feel like walking home from the train station so decided to walk back to the school with my friend Beth who goes to film club after school on fridays. This club is supervised by Mr. Wilder. My parents had texted me but I very specifically left out the part about me not being home to get my brother Thomas off the bus. Mom did however go make sure that my other brother William would be home to get him.

Okay, this is the part were no one is really at fault but everyone added to the chaos. So because this was film club, as opposed to japan club or hw club, the entirety of the club’s participants demand that I silence my phone and stow it away. This would have been pretty ok if the club was only a half hour long (NOT 3 WHOLE HOURS!!!) or if my brothers had not persistently tried to text me and call me and rat me out to my parents that I was M.I.A. Unfortunately that didn’t happen. My parents had almost called the police trying to find me. I went home immediately after and tried to be on my best behavior in order to make up for my short coming. This kinda worked but this lead to the second part of this extravaganza.

Because I was trying to win some points back from my parents, I heeded the whims of my little brothers (the same brothers that contributed to my previous downfall). William, the brother that reported my M.I.A., decided that he wanted to go get ice cream with his friends. Thomas, the other small(est, er) brother, demanded that he would go with Will. If not for my first pit fall, I would have snapped this out and have made the lot of them stay in the house and be happy with their existence. But I didn’t. I went with the two of them to get ice cream.

Again, this would be totally okay if my brother was either 1) closer to my age (Willy is 12 and Tom is 9), 2) not gathering other twelve year olds, or 3) out till nine o’clock on a Friday night!!!!! One might argue that the sheer size of the group my brother had amassed was the problem, but in reality it was all of these things in one combination or another.

The part of all this that makes the whole story worth it though: one of the children that I had amassed was Sam wilder. (Those of you paying attention already know why this is awkward.) One of the houses that my collection of sixth graders demanded that we stop at belonged to sam. I didn’t register her last name when they demanded that I go up to the house with my wallet that flipped open like a police wallet to reveal my student I.D. and tell who ever came to the door “The Small Children’s Burro is looking for Sam Wilder. Please forfeit her to our custody immediately”. So I did this all willingly; I went up to the front door and knocked.  To my luck though, Sam came to the other door with her dad MR. WILDER!!!!!! MIND YOU, THIS IS THE SAME MR. WILDER THAT I SPENT 3HRS WITH IN FILM CLUB EARLIER THE SAME DAY!!!!!!! I was all like ” ohhhhh…. hi Mr. Wilder…..”. He turned and registered my face and gave me a mildly concerned look when he realized that I was not a sixth grader like the rest of the group (except for Thomas. Thomas is a third grader). I am a sophomore This alone makes the story.

Amidst this chaos, I had been trying to keep in touch with my mother. Apparently though, iMessage is broken, because when my mom texted me that maybe we shouldn’t be out at NINE O’CLOCK, I texted her back that we were on her way. Infact I had been texting her updates of the group’s whereabouts the whole night! she received none of these texts. She was sooooooo mad at us when we got home and she was literally screaming at us “YOU HAVE BEEN OUT OF CONTACT FOR SEVERAL HOURS!!!!! WHY DIDN’T YOU TEXT ME?!?!?!?!?!?!?” I forfeited my phone with my texts to her and she calmed down when she realized that I HAD texted her the whole night! But stupid iMessage refused to deliver the texts.

Soooo this is a good spot to end my story RANT. The conclusion I have drawn is that my Boston field trip paled in comparison to the events that proceeded it. I hope you are happy that I could at least make my conclusion short. Im fighting every whim to make this paragraph the longest paragraph. Remember how this post was supposed to be about the Boston trip. Weeeeelllllllll too bad. I dragged the lot of you along for ~11 paragraphs. You’re welcome.

*trey is also crazy enough to be taking two photo classes. Trey happens to be in both of the photo classes that  I am in. Both of these classes are taught by Mr. Gooder. You can find trey at

Practice for nature photography

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My rabbit is very cute and such a poser. I took Charly out on a warm day an let him run around in the yard when I thought, “this is a great time to practice using the camera!”. I followed Charly around for as long as he felt like playing. Charly knows who I am so it was easy to get close to him with out him running off. I used Charly to help me practice shooting wildlife. His posing also helped me learn how to frame people.

I got Charly as a present for my 12th birthday and he has been my loyal companion since. The fact that I can let Charly run free in my yard with out barriers shows how much Charly and I trust each other. Charly is smart enough to open his cage to get back in. (he never does this to get out of his cage).

48hr Photofest

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Shot between 3:57am on April 2, 2015 and 11:06am on April 4, 2015. I shot one image per hour that I was awake but there was much leniency about what minute the images were shot.

This project sounds cool in theory but in actuality its really obnoxious. You constantly have to have your camera nearby and can only take ONE picture per hour. What ever that picture looks like is what you’re stuck with for that hour. Sometimes there is literally nothing different to shoot because you’re stuck in your car for six hours. Other times your camera enables you to ditch your lab partner and take pictures of attractive people in your class.

This project has taught me to plan out my images thoughtfully. Since I was only allowed one image per hour, it was imperative to take the best quality picture possible. To compensate for excessive shutter-speed at the aperture I wanted, I turned down the exposure of the image taken by the camera. This way when I took my images into lightroom, I could simply turn the brightness up to exactly what I wanted with the sharpness and stillness that I desired.

I began to feel like a slave to my camera on the third morning. I started too strongly question my commitment to this assignment. since this was only intended to be a two day assignment, I easily justified not taking the same pictures on the ride home. So the camera lost its coveted position in the middle seat of our suburbun to  two sweatshirts an iPad and some headphones only to find itself in the business class back seat.

This assignment was fun for about three hours and then I just asked myself “WHY?!?!”. Usually my camera is my enabler. My FABULOUS Canon 40D excuses me to take beautiful pictures of beautiful people, places, and things. But for this assignment, my camera was my captor. The location of my camera would determine the radius of my roaming. I would not recommend this type of photography to anyone who wants to enjoy the company of their camera.

Sugarbush shoot (x1)

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Over February break, my family and I skied at Sugarbush mountain resort. The mountain has two different parts of sugarbush on it; Sugarbush south and Sugarbush north. We skied at south for the most part. The mountain is a really interesting place to shoot at because there is a great view from all angles and there  are so many different combinations of jackets and pants that people wear. I took some pics of the skiers in there colorful attire and hiked up the saturation to make them look like confetti. The ski lift is a great spot to take areal shots from. There is a much more silly image in the collection that I had a lot of fun with; in the image with a lot of skiers on the mountain, (there really was more like five) I learned how easy it is to abuse the spot correct tool. Every time I went back to edit the image, I was containing hysterical laughter. As a photographer I tried to get the whole story during this shoot. I shot from high places and low places. I shot the scenery and I shot the people. I took pics all over the mountain. The mountains were difficult to photograph though, because they were never-ending and there was a misty rain blanketing the peaks in the distance. The chairlift acted as both my subject and my vantage point. some of the chairs didn’t have people on them, so in a way the became the people themselves; posed against the snowy mountainous backdrop. Although my subjects would not always cooperate, I got some really great shots.